November 3, 2014

Dealing with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) can be time consuming and frustrating. That is why it is useful to know that you can enlist the services of a notary who offers a DMV service. Botsay Notary offers notarial and DMV services in Kenner LA.

A notary is person who is qualified and licensed to perform certain legal tasks such as drawing up contracts, deeds, wills and other legal documents. Notaries are also authorised to certify legal documents as true, original and authentic.

When it comes to motor vehicles most things have to be registered with the DMV. They want to know if you own a vehicle, sold your vehicle, bought a vehicle, changed your address and the list goes on. You also have to pay vehicle registration fees, be it for your car, motor cycle or boat.

A public notary such as Botsy in Kenner LA can help you to renew your vehicle registration. For example if own an automobile, a boat or a truck you need to renew your registration on or before a specific date. They can also assist with notifications such as change of address. If you bought a used vehicle you will need to register it and transfer it into your name. What if your licence plates or documents are stolen? Again your local DMV service in Kenner LA can help.

A notary that is authorised by the department of motor vehicles can get this done quickly and conveniently. They will provide you with your registration and related tags within minutes.

You can make the required payments at the notaries’ office or or by phone or perhaps even make on online payment or bank transfer.  No appointment is required. Such a local DMV service saves you time and hassles.